Key Takeaways:

  • Hydroponics growing in Virginia Beach is a horticultural practice that does not need soil to grow plants, flowers, fruits & vegetables.
  • Nutrients essential to plants are carried in an aqueous solution preparation fed from a reservoir tank to the hydroponics station.
  • Lack of light, ventilation, cleanliness, and excess water & fertilizers can disrupt the optimal conditions required for healthy plant growth.
  • Root death, mold, and fungus can severely damage your hydroponics crop, so visit Growth Depot, where you can procure the best in commercial & personal hydroponics equipment & essentials!
  • We’re a veteran-owned business that also deals in cannabis horticulture & preparation. Contact us at (757) 937-1504 today!


Hydroponics growing in Virginia Beach is kicking off to a great start this spring. It is a fantastic way to enjoy fresh organic plants & vegetables without the hassle of dealing with grocery runs or soiled overalls. And since you grew it, you can fully trust the process & the harvest for their jam-packed nutrient composition!

Hydroponics doesn’t need soil or cluttered nurseries, which saves you a lot of soil mess. And suppose you have limited space or lack a garden. In that case, you can easily visit Growth Depot for delightful growth nutrients, kits, & grow media/containers that you can snuggly fit into an appropriate space.

However, suppose you are a beginner and have made a few rounds at our store to set up your hydroponics growing station. In that case, you might have some concerns in mind that are already manifesting. One of these concerns is the beginner crop not taking on as expected, resulting in wilting plants. Hydroponics is not trial & error as people think; you need to understand what every individual plant species requires & whether they can be grown hydroponically or not.

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We can help you with most of the issues you might face with your hydroponic garden. Just bear with us!

Causes Of Wilting Plants 

Lack Of Lighting | Hydroponics Growing In Virginia Beach

Photosynthesis is the process by which plants use light to convert base nutrients to energy for growth. In conventional horticulture, sunlight is the norm as the sole illumination source, so folks assume the same lightbulb goes for hydroponics growing. This is not the case!

Some plants need more light; some need less or diffused light. We have lighting options that are suitable for seedlings (florescent), for prolonged lighting (metal halide), and when the plant starts to flower (high-pressure sodium). LEDs are also on the table with their range of energy-efficient functions.

So, if your plants are wilting, you may have the wrong lights at the wrong time or not enough!

Lack Of Oxygen

Poor air circulation and inadequate root exposure due to overwatering are other reasons your plants suffer. Roots need clean air as they photosynthesize, so you must ensure the roots are adequately exposed to fresh air. If you are overwatering your plants, or their roots are submerged, that can suffocate the plant at its most vulnerable & lead to root rot.

Ensure optimal ventilation & suitable root submersion levels to keep that rot from wilting your plants.

Excess or Under Watering

Hydroponics growing calls for a lot of water for the plants to survive because the water is the nutrient carrier & aerator. However, if your plants are wilting, your watering routine may be unbalanced and starve the roots of vital growth nutrients. You need to regulate watering levels & ensure you are not dousing your prized crop with too much hydration.

Excessive Fertilizer

Hydroponics uses water-soluble fertilizers instead of soil to give the roots the necessary nutrients. Suppose you have invested in suitable sensors & instruments to prepare, dispense, & regulate the fertilizer-to-water ratio. In that case, your plants should be all right. The right amount of fertilizer will also ensure your plants are growing up resistant to rot & infection. But if they are wilting, you overdid the fertilizer, and now its salt content is dehydrating the plants.

Climate Control

If your lights, water, and air circulation are on point, and yet the plants are wilting, then it could be due to the temperature of the growing media & the surrounding air. Temperatures matter a lot in hydroponics growing in Virginia Beach, where the climate has distinct seasons. And it also depends on what you’re growing (fruits, plants, vegetables, flowers). Most plants can manage 68-78F, while fruits might need a delicate 78-80F. Any lower than 72F and root death will occur, and higher than 78F and the leaves can start wilting.

We offer a wide range of ventilators & ducts, air purification units, humidity & environmental controllers, and timed instruments to help you overcome the wilting problem.

Fungal Growths

If wilting plants show white, fuzzy blobs on their leaves & roots, it’s a fungus or mold. While a common issue with hydroponics growing is often because of overwatering & excess fertilizers, combined with a lack of cleaning.

Whatever you do, do not try to blow off the mold from the leaves, as it will spread throughout the system and lead to widespread plant death. You can clean the growth mediums regularly, regulate humidity & remove any growth slime.

Unstable pH-levels | Hydroponics Growing In Virginia Beach

Fertilizers, additives, and even water quality can affect the overall pH levels of the nutrient solution critical to healthy roots & growth. That calls for multiple daily checks of the solution tank to ensure it is not too acidic or alkaline for the type of plant being grown.

If your plants are wilting, it might also be due to a lack of nutrient absorption due to an unbalanced pH. That can severely affect root health & lead to wilting.

How Do I Perfect My Hydroponics Growing in Virginia Beach?

Whether a commercial agriculturalist or a home-bound horticulturist, you must take some things when dealing with hydroponics. The problems mentioned above are possible & widespread when growing plants without soil, so you can up your success by investing in the right equipment, nutrients, & sensors to ensure your plants never have to suffer a moment of neglect wilting.

Always remember to …

  1. Regulate The pH-Levels
  2. Maintain Nutrient Levels
  3. Improve Air Circulation & Temperature
  4. Recycle The Water
  5. Visit Growth Depot!

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