Hydroponic Lighting

Hydroponic growing is becoming one of the hottest growing methods for both small and large-scale commercial growers. Because the method is becoming so popular, there are a lot of different hydroponic systems available. No matter if you’re a beginner in the field, or have been cultivating high-quality plants for decades, you need high-quality system components and tools to yield the best crop. One of the key components to invest in is a quality hydroponic lighting system and Grow Depot in Virginia Beach has exactly what you need.

Types of Hydroponic Lighting

  • LEDs (light-emitting diodes)
  • Fluorescent bulbs
  • Metal halide bulbs
  • High-Pressure Sodium bulbs

Hydroponic LIGHTING System Information

LED, light-emitting diodes

These are new to the hydroponics lighting market in Virginia Beach. LED lights are constantly evolving and have lower heat, using less electricity. These lights come in a variety of sizes and wattages. They are the most cost and energy efficient and are sold in a variety of styles from square panels, tubes to bar lights.

Metal halide bulbs

are good for plants that need more light or need more prolonged lighting. These bulbs are good for plants that are just beginning to sprout throughout the vegetative phase of growth. Metal halide bulbs mimic the white light of Spring and early Summer.


Fluorescent bulbs

are good for starting seeds and have a lower heat output. They are also good and have a slower, more controlled vegetative phase such as seedlings and mother plants

High-pressure sodium bulbs

are good to use when your plant starts to flower. These bulbs are the most expensive and often used in combination with metal halide bulbs. They also lose their effectiveness and should be replaced every two years. 

The hydroponic lighting system has a few other components in addition to the bulb–A reflector hood, remote ballast, and timer. The reflector hood encases the bulb and the remote ballast supplies the power while the timer controls when the hydroponic lighting system is on. 

You can find the very best in hydroponic lighting in Virginia Beach at Grow Depot where we have everything you need for lighting no matter what stage of growth your plants are in.

Grow Depot has everything you need

In addition to knowing the type of lighting to use for your plants, you’ll also need to know how often to keep the lights on, how far away to place the lights from the plant, and more. At Grow Depot, we offer par meters that measure the intensity of the light. We will also provide clients with a professional consultation to get you started in the right direction for hearty, healthy, plants with high and successful yields.