Curing Products

The most unspoken and important part of the growing process is CURING. You can have all the best things happen during your grow and have it ruined with an improper cure. Curing is the drying process which makes your harvest a usable product. At Grow Depot we carry Boveda two way curing packs, Grove Bags, and others products to make your curing process easy. 

10 steps hydroponic seed-starting

  • Monitoring tools
  • Temperature
  • pH
  • Light
  • Hydroponic nutrient solutions

  • Organic fertilizers in hydroponics
  • Water
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Air circulation
  • Oxygen levels

Grow Depot has everything you need

Grow Depot has the latest and greatest products to keep your plants growing strong and healthy. We carry a wide variety of nutrients, media, and plant support for commercial or beginner growers. We support commercial agriculture facilities and products down to the small home grower. Every aspect of growing is important.