Key Takeaways :

  • Hydroponics is a soil-free alternative to indoor or limited-space gardening for horticultural purposes.
  • One popular application of hydroponics is the cultivation of exotic flowers for aesthetic, therapeutic, culinary, & horticultural purposes.
  • You can source a hydroponics kit for beginners or secure an all-inclusive kit for advanced floral hydroponics. They include nutrients, additives, sensors, tools, equipment, reservoirs, and growth medium. The all-inclusive kit introduces environmental control into the mix as well.
  • While some perennials are easy to grow in a hydroponics system, a few seasonal varieties call for maintenance & full environmental control, like carnations & roses.
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If you are interested in hydroponics, you can always go for floral hydroponics. Research suggests that growing plants, gardening, and other horticultural practices are therapeutic & help with maintaining a positive mindset. Plus, if you don’t want wilting flowers & stained vases, you can become your florist with a live bouquet in your home!

What Do You Need for Floral Hydroponics in Virginia Beach? 

If you are new to hydroponics as a gardener, starting with a complete system you can get at Growth Depot is best. This system is an environment-controlled unit with tools & equipment that comprises a growing medium & container, a water reservoir, and a pump to circulate the nutrient-rich water. It is up to you to regulate the addition of nutrients, fertilizers & additives.

Hydroponic kits can accommodate various growing pots for your hobby, but if you want the best for your flowers, you should get an all-inclusive kit with high-pressure sodium halide bulbs. For growth mediums (that act as an anchor for the roots), coconut fiber, rock wool, and even perlite can be used to aerate the roots adequately.

Regarding nutrients, additives & fertilizers, you can get them at Growth Depot, a specialist store for floral hydroponics in Virginia Beach. They are available in powder or liquid forms comprising organic ingredients similar to what traditional farmers & gardeners use to add nutrients to the soil. We offer kelp & seaweed additives, enzymes, and acids, & foliar sprays from reputed brands.

Since many flower species thrive in acidic or basic environments, you may need a pH meter included in your sensors & then adjust the acidity or alkalinity accordingly.

Lastly, if you have limited space to set up the hydroponics station, ensure the spot you pick has sufficient sunlight (plus the high-pressure sodium halide bulbs) for the floral species you intend to grow.

Flowers You Can Grow Hydroponically

Orchids | Hydroponics In Virginia Beach

They are visually exotic & resilient flowering plants. If you are a beginner, these are the perfect pick for your first run since failing a hydroponics garden with them is almost impossible!

They require indirect or diffused lighting, ample ventilation & moderate watering. A daytime temperature of 65-80F, with 65F for the night, will ensure optimal flower health & increase the probability of full blooms.


They are tender perennials that can’t withstand frost or low temperatures but will flower all year long if the temperatures are maintained. They make for a very abundant flowering plant, a perfect flower to add to your hydroponics. Petunias prefer temperatures between the range of 60-80F.

They offer stunning visual displays of flowers, making them popular with horticulturists worldwide. However, they require a lot of plant nutrients to grow healthy. You can source all the needed nutrients from Growth Depot.

Roses | Hydroponics In Virginia Beach

They are much prized among the flowering community. Roses prefer acidic soils & controlled hydration to protect the buds & blossoms from rotting or shedding prematurely – that concern also translates into hydroponics. They require a steady supply of nutrients & ventilation, with temperatures of around 65-80F.

Even though you can use hydroponic lighting, direct sunlight is essential in growing roses hydroponically!


Suppose you want to take up hydroponics for commercial purposes. You can cultivate them from cuttings and with seedlings, making them an easy cash crop.

In addition to being visually pleasing, they are also edible. Carnation petals are popularly served with wine, confectionary, & as decoration on salads. They need some care to get them to thrive on a commercially harvestable scale. Maintain a temperature of 55-65F for the daytime, 40-45F for the night, and slightly acidic water pH for your carnation hydroponics.


It is a perennial plant that is known for a lot of properties apart from its smell. Its scent repels insects, it can be made into teas for various ailments, and the oil is an effective cosmetic & skincare ingredient. It has many uses in therapeutic & culinary activities as well.

Lavender can thrive in direct sunlight for up to 6 hours but will also appreciate shade. Its cultivation is no different from other hydroponic growing, as the procedure includes standard seeding, germination & transferring to the hydrophobic system.


They are popular owing to their large blooms, varying floral colors, multiple flowering seasons & long lifespan. Hydrangeas are a perfect choice if you are interested in floral hydroponics.

They prefer the sun, artificial lighting, and a bit of afternoon shade. They are well-suited to temperature ranges of 65-85F. They are hardy and can survive with minimal watering needs. However, their nutritional needs are high.

A bonus feature of growing hydrangeas hydroponically is that you can control the flower’s colors with water-pH adjustments. Low pH will lead to bluish flowers, while high pH will give pinkish to purple blooms!

Chrysanthemums | Hydroponics In Virginia Beach

They come in annual and perennial varieties popular in decorative & culinary applications. Despite their countless varieties, they are easy to nurture in a watery environment and don’t require much attention. You can grow them in passive hydroponics systems, but you must ensure optimal ventilation, humidity & lighting.

They prefer direct sunlight over artificial lighting but can also manage the shade & warm weather. If you want your chrysanthemums to thrive, you can find a hardy variety that can handle temperatures of 50-80F. Apart from that, their watering & nutritional needs are moderate.

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