Key Takeaways:

  • Hydroponic Lighting in Virginia Beach is easy to get if you know which lighting is better for what plant species.
  • LED grow lights are a perfect solution for indoor hydroponics because one can control the light’s wavelengths for colors that benefit plant growth.
  • Incandescent bulbs are a poor choice for hydroponic lighting. Still, halide & high-pressure sodium are sufficient for substituting sunlight for plant growth. However, LEDs remain the best option for indoor planting.
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While water, air, nutrients & many other factors can be controlled in a hydroponic environment, nothing beats the joy of understanding a plant’s growth light color theory!

Folks unfamiliar with soil-free gardening might find the notion odd to use artificial lighting to grow quality horticulture, edibles & cash crops. But there is much more to selecting the right light for the right phases of your yield; it is tan-free work!

Growth Depot is an authority on hydroponic lighting in Virginia Beach. We will get you started on the basics of why you need artificial lighting in the first place.

How Do Grow Lights Help Your Plants? | Hydroponic Lighting In Virginia Beach

Plants Thrive at The Right Wavelength | Hydroponic Lighting In Virginia Beach

Light colors happen because of the photons of varying accelerations that emit a specific color in the visible spectrum. Some light colors are more favorable lighting options for hydroponic gardens than others. Control over wavelength gives control over the light colors.

Unlike incandescent & fluorescent lights, which emit a continuous spectrum, LED lights can better control these wavelengths during different phases of the crop’s growth cycle and species. So, blue light benefits leafy green vegetables, and red light is ideal for overall growth. Far-red light, which is just a bit more in wavelength than red, triggers a healthy shade avoidance response that causes plants to grow longer stems & stretch out their leaves.

Every Plant Has Unique Exposure Limits

Plant growth & needs change as per their growing cycle. So, different lights are used for the seedlings, the growth-medium transfer, and until curing. Suppose you are looking for Hydroponic Lighting in Virginia Beach. In that case, you must first research what kind of wavelength and how long it will benefit the plant before you buy lighting.

Long-day plants need up to 18 hours of exposure to lighting. Short-day plants flower or fruit in the spring and are okay with 12 hours. Day-neutral plants like eggplants & tomatoes can manage in any light, but they aren’t great hydroponics candidates.

Lighting As a Crucial Supplement

If you are in a region that experiences more cloud cover than the sun, you can use hydroponic grow lights to supplement the natural light indoors. It is an excellent consideration if you are interested in commercial hydroponics farming, horticulture & controlled environment agriculture.

Types Of Hydroponic Lighting

Incandescent Lights | Hydroponic Lighting In Virginia Beach

They are the most expensive but not the most efficient with energy consumption. We mention them because we don’t want to recommend them to you for growth lighting. These lights generate a lot of heat and can cause damage to your plants in close proximity.

Fluorescent Lights 

They are slightly more efficient than incandescent, generate less heat & are affordable. However, they do not optimally emit the light color that suits most plant growths, so we’ll call this a pass too!

LED Grow Lights

They are efficient, inexpensive & commonly available for hydroponic lighting in Virginia Beach at Growth Depot. The best thing about LEDs is the control over wavelengths to provide plants with optimal photosynthesizing conditions. They consume less energy & result in yields that are at least three times better than sunlight exposure.

Halogen Lights

This kind of light is very similar to direct sunlight. They are less expensive than other hydroponic lights and generate low amounts of heat. While they are also popular, they are less efficient than LEDs and are insufficient for some plants.

High-Pressure Sodium Bulbs

These bulbs produce an orange-reddish light that is perfect if you have plans to start a hydroponic flower garden. They are better than halogens in terms of consumption & efficiency, but they are pricy and might be too harsh on some flowering species that require low-intensity lighting.

Metal Halide Light

Plants are most receptive to blue light in their vegetative growth phase, and this bulb is characteristic of emitting a bright blue hue. These lights are nearly as efficient as LEDs but are more expensive than halogen lights. Again, they might not suit particular plant species, but they are effective.

Selecting The Correct Hydroponic Lighting

When selecting a grow lighting solution for your indoor garden, there are a few minor things to ensure you get the proper lighting. You can factor in a few of our contributions before you buy lights for your hydroponics station.

The Plant Size & Type | Hydroponic Lighting In Virginia Beach

Different plants have different rates of growth & mature plant height. That also means you must rearrange the lighting to cover the entire plant. LED grow lights are great since they have a wide coverage area, but you may need more than one to cover a tall plant.

The Heat & Power Requirements

LED lights generate less heat than other lighting options like HPS or halogen bulbs. This means you don’t have to worry about high temperatures in your hydroponics station, which could damage the plants. LEDs also have a longer lifespan and reduce your energy costs since they use up to 75% less power than other lighting options.

The Lighting Spectrum

LED lights come in different lighting spectrums, so you must choose the right one for your plants. Red and blue light wavelengths are the most important for photosynthesis, while white and green light can help produce bigger yields and larger leaves. You should also consider whether full-spectrum lighting is necessary or if you want to focus on particular wavelengths in general.

Plant Growth Stage

LED lighting should also be adjusted depending on the growth stage of your plants. A blue spectrum is necessary for proper photosynthesis and growth during the seedling and vegetative stages. When your plants enter the budding or flowering phase, you must increase the red light to promote bloom and fruiting.

Amount Of Light Needed | Hydroponic Lighting In Virginia Beach

If you want your plants to grow big & healthy, you need to ensure they receive sufficient light & ventilation – and plenty of growing room. The plant’s species & growth stage usually helps decide which light is best for photosynthesis and will also determine what lighting color you need to maximize growth.

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