The hydroponic method of growing plants eliminates the soil component and delivers nutrients directly to the root of the plant. One of the top advantages of growing cannabis using hydroponics is the higher yield and potency of the flowers; however, it’s important to use the right hydroponic supplements from trusted vendors in Virginia Beach, like Grow Depot. 

Nutrients Needed to Grow Hydroponic Cannabis 

There are a few different nutrients needed to keep plants healthy. Many of these nutrients are naturally found in tap water; however, for maximum results supplements can be used. The big three (IE the three numbers you generally see on nutrients) that you’ll need are, also know as NPK:

  • N- Nitrogen
  • P-Phosphorus 
  • K-Potassium

Nitrogen helps plants grow strong, and healthy, and is the main source of food for plants. Phosphorus facilitates photosynthesis and distributes nitrogen throughout the plant. You need phosphorus to produce flowers. If your plants are lacking phosphorus, they will have less flowers and smaller buds. Potassium is how the plant processes water and regulates the plant’s resistance to disease, cold, and drought. Potassium also plays a role in photosynthesis and evaporation. 

Nutrients and plant supplements can come in powder or liquid form. Powder nutrients have a long shelf-life if you are buying in bulk; however, neither is better than the other when it comes to quality. While it is possible to DIY a nutrient or supplement mixture, it is often more efficient and better quality to purchase premade mixes specific to the type of cannabis you are growing. These dependable nutrients and supplement mixes are professionally mixed and will render top results. 


How Often Should I Add Nutrients to My Hydroponics System?

Nutrients need to be added to the reservoir every 7-14 days. Most cannabis growers using hydroponics supplements in Virginia Beach flush on average every 10 days and resupply nutrients following. Your seed bank can help inform you about the nutrients your strain of cannabis seeds will need to produce the best yield and highest potency. You can also book a consultation with our professionals at Grow Depot where we carry the very best hydroponic supplements in Virginia Beach. 

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