If you’re looking for a way to improve the potency and yield of your indoor Cannabis plants, a  hydroponic. This system is the method of choice for many. Hydroponic growing in Virginia Beach is especially popular because it allows for Cannabis to grow quickly,  organically, and with maximum yield. The soil-free practice definitely has a learning curve since it doesn’t utilize traditional horticulture methods. One of the most important things to know about hydroponics is how to correctly harvest your Cannabis plant. 


When to Harvest Cannabis grown with Hydroponics in Virginia Beach

The breeder of genetics used for your cannabis plants will let you know how much time it should take for your plants to reach their peak and be ready for harvest. Some breeders have exact scheduled times, terpene profiles, and information about the history of the genome. There are a few signs that you can watch for that will let you know when your plants are ready.

  • The buds have formed colas with tiny crystals (trichomes). 
  • The flowering bud sites have become stickier 
  • Pistils go from white to reddish brown 
  • Trichomes are present (need a magnifying glass to see)
  • Trichomes will have heads that look like mushrooms. 
  • Trichomes change from clear to cloudy white to amber


Depending on the properties of the strain you want to enhance, some people harvest their cannabis flowers when the trichomes are milky, and others wait for the full amber. The more amber the trichomes are, the more intense the high will be from THC.   Most growers tend to harvest when they observe 20% amber heads of their Trichomes.


How to Harvest Cannabis

Many resources for hydroponics growing in Virginia Beach recommend flushing your Cannabis plants before harvesting. Some growers suggest flushing the 7th week of flowering and/or a week before you plan to harvest. 


After the final flush, there are a few steps to cutting and drying the harvest:

  • Using clean and sanitary sharp shears or scissors, remove each branch of the flowers
  • Hang the branches upside down in a dark, well-ventilated room with humidity control. Optimally hitting 60 degrees at 60 percent humidity for 16days is best suited for drying cannabis. You can purchase drying racks, humidifiers, de-humidifiers, fans, drying , and curing products for best results. 
  • Drying can take as little as one week or more depending on the density and mass of your product as well as factoring in the ambient humidity and climate you are drying in.. When stems are dry enough to crack between your fingers, they are ready for the curing process
  • For best results, cure the cannabis plants after drying for a few days to another week to allow the chlorophyll (hay smell) to dissipate and allowing for the full nose of the terpenes in the flower to open up an express itself.


Shops that specialize in hydroponics growing in Virginia Beach, like Grow Depot, can help you make sure you have the equipment and tools you need for a successful harvest. 

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