So, you’ve decided to set up your very first hydroponic greenhouse! This is an exciting time to dive into hydroponics because the method is becoming more and more popular as Cannabis cultivators realize that hydroponics is an easy and efficient way to grow potent flowers. Hydroponics is a lot different than your traditional soil method of growing Cannabis, which is why we’ve put together this list of all the products you need for starting your hydroponic greenhouse, including the top hydroponic lighting systems in Virginia Beach. 


Greenhouse Supply List | Hydroponic Lighting in Virginia Beach

When you are starting your first Cannabis greenhouse, there is a lot to set up. Some growers who are just starting out will buy kits to get them started, but if you’re buying large-scale, we’ve got you covered. 

  • A Greenhouse
  • Lighting Systems
  • Automation
  • Reservoirs
  • Grow Media
  • Containers
  • Nutrients and Supplements
  • Curing Materials 
  • Fans
  • Air Purification System 
  • Environmental controllers for humidity 


There are a lot of different brands and variations in products you can use to set up your hydroponics farm; however, you’ll want to get a high-quality, reliable system for hydroponic lighting in Virginia Beach.


Best Hydroponic Lighting in Virginia Beach


Grow Depot is the best place to find hydroponic and lighting supplies in Virginia Beach. There are four different types of lighting systems for hydroponics:

  • LEDs- Uss lower heat levels, energy efficient & full spectrum
  • Fluorescent- Lower heat output, good for seedlings
  • Metal halide- great for strains that need more intense light
  • High-pressure sodium- Recommended for flowering phase, use in combination with metal halide bulbs 


Each of these lighting systems includes components such as a reflector hood, dimmers, and a remote ballast. Most lighting systems require a timer if you are not using an automated controlling system or device. Some growers may also use more than one type of hydroponics lighting setup during different grow phases. A consultation with hydroponics growers at Grow Depot will have you set up with everything you need to get started on your hydroponics cannabis greenhouse. Grow Depot supports all types of growers, have product for all needs, and customer support to help you figure out what’s best suited


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