A hydroponic garden allows you to grow plants throughout the year, regardless of the weather constraints that come with some seasons. As a beginner, the first step is identifying the type of plants that do well hydroponically.

At Grow Depot, we set up hydroponic gardens in Virginia beach, helping you start on the right note. We have experience in both beginner-friendly and advanced hydroponic systems, giving you an array of options to choose from.

What Plants Can Grow Hydroponically in Virginia Beach?

Hydroponic gardening can thrive everywhere; home, office, and greenhouse. The essential components are air, light, water, nutrients, space, and heat. Here are some of the plants that you can grow hydroponically.


Spinach can grow well in your hydroponic garden as it matures faster. We advise adopting a Nutrient Film Technique to make your spinach flourish. If this approach is out of your reach, ensure the selected technique keeps the soil nutrient-rich.

Growing spinach hydroponically requires less water compared to common gardening. Our hydroponic experts in Virginia beach can help you set up your spinach garden and have a fresh supply all year around.


Lettuce grows faster and does not demand much care, making it one of the preferred vegetables for hydroponic systems. The good thing is that you can pluck just what you need and leave the leaves to sprout, so you can harvest for a while before requiring to plant again.


If you love strawberries, you probably find their seasonal nature annoying. Growing some in your hydroponic garden guarantees the availability of strawberries year-round. These fruits do well with the Ebb-and-Flow system.

Hydroponic systems are a good idea if you want a fresh supply of veggies and fruits all year round. If you are looking for hydroponic systems in Virginia Beach, at Grow Depot, we can help you with a custom hydroponic setup. Also, we’ll guide you on the right care to ensure your hydroponic garden thrives.