Hydroponic Systems and products

Deep Water Culture hydroponics

This hyrdroponic system is the best for beginners and the most basic setup. This style of setup uses separate containers or pots that go in their own grow trays that are suspended in water. There are also Deep Water Culture systems that don’t use trays because the pots hold their own water. These systems also use air pumps and nutrients are added directly to the plant roots via different methods from a reservoir.

Ebb and Flow systems

These systems don’t keep roots saturated like other hydroponics systems. Ebb and Flow systems fill a tray with potted plants with an oxygenated nutrient-water solution filters down through the container and is collected into a reservoir. The solution is then pumped up to the tray when it’s time to flood the roots again. This system allows for easy harvest and lots of oxygen between flooding and is also known as the flood and drain.


Nutrient Film Technique

This technique is a more complex hydroponics system that uses tubes for planting and a water-nutrient solution that is pumped into a reservoir. Nutrient Film Technique hydroponics is a more delicate system because the water must be properly filtered to prevent bacteria growth that could kill your plants. 

Drip Systems

These systems are popular for commercial grow operations and use individual drippers that deliver oxygenated water-nutrient solution to each plant. Any excess solution is collected in a reservoir and able to be reused on the next cycle. Each dripper system can be customized for output and watering schedule which allows growers to quickly harvest and switch out plants as they age. 

Grow Depot has everything you need

Grow Depot has the latest and greatest products to keep your plants growing strong and healthy.  We provide an array 100% dehydrated Norwegian Kelp (common seaweed), a source of trace quantities of macro and micro-nutrients that will help promote healthier plants and improve crop yields. Use around trees and shrubs, on lawns and in garden beds, or to top-dress containers. It can also be made into a tea and use for watering or a foliar spray.